Governmental e-mail

Governmental e-mail

Governmental e-mail


The full name

Services of the electronic mail system of public administration.


The service is aimed exclusively for the public authorities and their subordinated structures. The service is provided under the Governmental Decision no. 546 of 20.07.2011.

To implement the provision, SE CST provides governmental mail service. The service allows beneficiaries to manage mailboxes available in the institution. Users can send and receive e-mails, have access to calendar, contacts and documents record that can be accessed and shared. Mailbox can be accessed through a web interface, as well as through desktop email clients (as Outlook, The Bat, and so on).

Security is integrated into the service. Mailboxes are protected, access is based on a complex password policy, and the mailbox can be accessed using secured protocols (SSL and TLS).

The service is based on a next-generation IT infrastructure based on cloud computing technologies. Infrastructure integrates a high level of reliability, scalability and security.



Public authorities, subordinated structures.



  Government mail service is used for:

- Receiving and sending e-mail to the employees of the beneficiary, by other public and state structures as well as to any other email address;

- The transmission of confidential information with the necessary security measures (eg: digital certificates, encrypted archives);

- Manage individual calendar, and creating and managing shared schedules;

- Manage the contact list;

- Work with shared documents.


The service includes:

- Creating governmental e-mail service of the beneficiary;

- Configuring access to the administration interface for the beneficiary’s responsible persons who the will manage the mailboxes for all the employees;

- Provide user guides for administrator and employees;

- Ensure service and data availability according to agreed levels (including restoration incident);

- Support in the use and management of incidents, according to agreed levels.






Monitoring service

24x24, 7 days a week


Service availability

99,8% monthly. CST reserves the right to perform maintenance activities in non-working days in the period 18:00 to 7:00 on weekdays. This period is not taken into account in the measurement of availability.


Support and incidents solutions

08.00-17.00 on weekdays


Service level reporting


Reportontheavailabilityof the servicerequested by the Beneficiary, on Provider’s possibility


The order for the service deliveries

Mail service of public administration is provided under regulations approved by the Government.


Support the use of services

Additional information and support in using the service can be obtained by calling the Customer Support Service. When placing requests for support, it is necessary to indicate the service code as "STAAP Email".


Price service

This service can be provided from the state budget for public authorities and their subdivisions, according to the list given in the Governmental Decision no. 840 of 26 July 2004. To find out if your institution meets the criteria set by the Government in this regard, please contact our Sales Service.