Digital Signature

Digital Signature

Given the economic globalization and its effects, the digital signature has become needful for the bussiness sector and not only: the electronic administration of the governments. In the Republic of Moldova, this concept was adopted quickly as it is an important instrument for the market economy, in order to reduce the waste of time and other resources. 


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The use of digital signature has the following advantages: 

  • it reduces the time used for transactions and the exchange of documents; 
  • it reduces costs related to the procedure of preparation, distribution, tracking and storage of documents; 
  • it guarantees the authenticity and integrity of documents;
  • it minimizes the risk of financial losses related to enhancing privacy information exchange;
  • it allows the creation of a corporate system for document exchange;
  • ensures mutual authentication of users.
CST has the sole acredited Center for public key certification in the Republic of Moldova. The Center provides its services not only to public authorities, but also to individuals and businesses.

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This technology creates favorable conditions for electronic document distribution system and it allows automating data processing, it increases the efficiency of administrative work and provides a high degree of protection for documents.