CERT Services

CERT Services

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In order to execute the provisions of the Governmental Decision no. 746 of 18.08.2010 "On approval of the Individual Partnership Action Plan Moldova - NATO updated" in the State Enterprise "Center of Special Telecommunications" was created Center for Cyber ​​Security - CERT-GOV-MD. The name CERT comes from Computer Emergency Response Team. CERT is a team of security experts, whose main task is to respond to security incidents related to information systems. It provides the necessary services for incident management and support beneficiaries recover from security breaches.

The Center for Cyber ​​Security has the mission to support the Moldovan society in protection against IT incidents. CERT-GOV-MD is the focus of reporting and coordination on security incidents and computer communications systems, under the administration of the Center for Special Telecommunications. CERT-GOV-MD facilitates the exchange of information on IT incidents between organizations from the society and disseminates information about new problems that could impede the functioning of government IT systems. However, CERT-GOV-MD provides information and advice on proactive measures, such as the compilation and completion statistics.

CERT-GOV-MD was designed to assist beneficiaries in the use of information and telecommunications systems of public administration in the implementation of proactive and reactive measures to reduce the risk of IT security incidents and assisting in responding to incidents. The Center also examines the incidents occurred in Moldovan networks that are reported by citizens and the institutions from Moldova and abroad.

CERT-GOV-MD objectives:

  • raising awareness of public authorities and governmental institutions; 

  • improving cybersecurity in government; 

  • building strategic relationships to improve national cyber security of critical infrastructure and businesses.

Addressing the current threats and strengthening security in the digital society is a shared responsibility of the state authorities, citizens, private companies and the state, both at the national and global level. Cyberspace is a complex that consists of interactions between people, programs and services, along with global distribution tools and networks related to information technology and communications.

In the context of significant overall increase of cyber security incidents, emergency preparedness is becoming increasingly important. 

Preparation of Moldovan enterprises to respond to cyber attacks is essential for the cyber resilience in Moldova. With the development of more sophisticated programs and instruments used for attacks, CERT-MD-GOV develops and implements a wide range of measures in the field of networks and informations.

The main services of CERT-GOV-MD consist of:

  • preparedness and prevention; 

  • detection and response; 

  • risk reduction; 

  • recovery from incidents.

Beneficiaries of CERT-GOV-MD are public authorities and can be any other legal entity in whose interest are rendered the services of CST.