The S.E. “Special Telecommunications Center” was founded under the Government Regulation no. 735 of 11 June 2002 “on special telecommunications systems of the Republic of Moldova” aimed to solve the information security requirements, to assure the functionality and development of the state information systems, secure telecommunications networks and unique M-Cloud virtualization platform. 

The main goals of the Center are:

  • to assure protected information exchange between public authorities, representations of the Republic of Moldova abroad, organizations, institutions and enterprises;
  • to protect the information of the state importance;
  • to create, manage, support and develop special telecommunication systems;
  • to work out and implement advanced technologies in the information security field, including digital signature technologies.

The Center of special telecommunications is a technical and scientific enterprise, oriented towards the development of protected information technologies, based on complex approach to the following principles of activity:

  • assuring information security together with creation of information and telecommunication systems, guaranteeing the high level of efficiency and security;
  • integrating telecommunication and network equipment special protection means;
  • assuring of compromise between security and sufficiency of protection means;
  • compliance with national and international standards;
  • professionalism based on knowledge and best practices.

The Center of special telecommunications is the information and telecommunication system operator of the Government of Republic of Moldova.

We offer advanced solutions in administration and development of IT projects. Being guided by national and international standards, the Center guarantees a high quality of services and products, as well as impeccable project support. Our  team  consist of  highly qualified professionals: analysts, software specialists, system administrators, etc, that can perform projects with a high degree of complexity. The management of the enterprise  pays  a high importance to  the continuous education,  trainings, and  raising the level of its team’s  qualification.

The Center of Special Telecommunications provides to its clients a large spectrum of IT services, assures information security, designs systems infrastructure and guarantees quality of its services.

Directions of activity:

  • implementing the national policy in field of creation, administration, functioning and protection of special telecommunication systems of the Republic of Moldova;
  • creation and ensuring digital signature functioning in Republic of Moldova;
  • complex systems integration, creation of secured information and telecommunication systems for enterprises and institutions, regardless their form of property;
  • technical protection of information;
  • scientific and educational activity;
  • organizing conferences, seminars, exhibitions, etc.