Time stamping services

Time stamping services


In order to determine the correct sequence of events in the IT systems or in the document, it is important to have a sound basis and accepted by all parties at the time of the event. With this purpose, time stamping services is a safe and cost-effective solution. If internal systems can be manipulated, time stamping service is platform independent running IT system components and will return in all cases exact time (timestamp) in the milliseconds of the event. This parameter will be fixed in the audit logs at the application level or system level software for being able to reconstruct the sequence of events thereafter.

Time stamping services are offered as a service to the network. Can be called by any authorized entity (system, system component) and will return the exact time synchronized with credible sources from the Internet.



State institutions, private organizations, individuals.


The purpose of use

  Time stamping services are used for the following purposes:

- Establishing and fixing points during the generation of digital signatures;

- Establishing and determining the point in time in the event of an IT system (ex., system authentication, document creation, document approval, document delivery confirmation, etc.);

- creating registers of audit critical events and sensitive over time (ex., change password, change the database, delete records etc.)


The service includes:

- Connection to the service;

- Accessing data transport network the public administration;

- VPN connection to access the service from the Internet;

- Support in the use and management of incidents, according to agreed levels.






Monitoring service

24x24, 7 days a week


Service availability

99,8% monthly. CST reserves the right to perform maintenance activities in non-working days in the period 18:00 to 7:00 on weekdays. This period is not taken into account in the measurement of availability.


Support and incidents solutions

08.00-17.00 on weekdays


Service level reporting


Reportontheavailabilityof the servicerequested by the Beneficiary, on Provider’s possibility


The order of performance

Service application and verification of digital signatures is offered on a contract basis. Attachment to the contract is the service level agreement. After signing the contract, the beneficiary is sent supplies to access the service.


Support in the use of services

Additional information and support in using the service can be obtained by calling the Customer Support Service. When placing requests for support, it is necessary to indicate the service code as "PKI_SRV".


Price service

To obtain a price quote, please contact our Customer Support Service.