Qualified digital certificates (with legal force).

Qualified digital certificates (with legal force).


Public key certificates are issued legally in the public key certification center of public administration.  SE “Center of Special Telecommunications” is the second level certification authority accredited in Moldova under the Law on Electronic Document and Digital Signature no. 264 of 10.07.2004.
Digital certificate with legal force issued by CST legally allows the creation of digital signatures with legal force, as required by law. Digital signature is legall equivalent to handwritten signatures on paper under the law. It provides the author's identity, authenticity and integrity of documents and messages signed.
Digital signature ensures non-repudiation of the document that means that the document signer cannot deny the creation and signing of the document.
According to the legislation, the certification ensures compensation for damage to the use of public key certificates legally.


In accordance with the legal provisions in force, digital certificates with legal force can be used to:

- Access to electronic services offered by public institutions (available at www.servicii.gov.md);

- Electronic communication with the State institutions (State Tax Inspectorate, CNAs, etc.).

- Communication with third parties in electronic form, when it is necessary to ensure the legal force of sent and received documents (ex. Credit Bureau, Agency, commercial banks, etc.).

- Communication in electronic form within the organization when it is necessary to ensure the legal force of sent and received documents.

Public key certification center offers specialized application software needed to integrate digital signature with legal force in the information systems of the organization.


Public authorities, state institutions, private organizations, individuals.

Service features

The digital certificate is valid for one year. The secured device contains the public key and private key holder. Public key certificate can be copied from the device. The private key cannot leave the secured device. All cryptographic operations involving the use of private key are performed on secured device.

The order of performance

To obtain digital certificates legally beneficiaries are to place a request to Customer Support Service. Institutions planning to implement digital certificates with legal force within its systems, obtain the certification authorization to act on Registration Center position.

Support in the use of services.

Additional information and support in the use of services can be obtained by calling the Customer Support Service. When placing requests for support, it is necessary to indicate the service code as "PKI_SRV".

Price service

To obtain a price quote, please contact our Customer Support Service.