Mobile Signature service

Mobile Signature service


This service allows authentication to prove the identity in cyberspace via mobile phone, digital signature by means of "Mobile Signature" and inspected.

Mobile Signature Service provides electronic service provider and its customers the following features:

1.       Access to the register of representation of the legal powers of the individual (citizen)

2.       Verification of digital signature affixed by means of "Mobile Signature"

3.       check the time stamping

4.       Certificate chain validation.

Service "Mobile Signature" is used by digital certificate with legal force issued by CST for creating digital signatures with legal force under the law in force. Digital signature with legal force is equivalent to handwritten signatures on paper. It provides the author's identity, authenticity and integrity of documents and messages signed.



Electronic service providers (public authorities, state institutions, private organizations, individuals).



  Service "Mobile Signature" is used for:

- Implementing the use of digital signatures with legal force within information systems. This can be provided without requiring the development, accreditation and implementing their own solutions to implement and verify the digital signature on the application server.


The service includes:

- Connection to the service;

- Accessing to data transport network the public administration;

- VPN connection for access the service from the Internet;

- Support in the use and management of incidents, according to agreed levels.






Monitoring service

24x24, 7 days a week


Service availability

99,8% monthly. CST reserves the right to perform maintenance activities in non-working days in the period 18:00 to 7:00 on weekdays. This period is not taken into account in the measurement of availability.


Support and incidents solutions

08.00-17.00 on weekdays


Service level reporting


Reportontheavailabilityof the servicerequested by the Beneficiary, on Provider’s possibility


The order of performance

Mobile Signature service is offered on a contract basis. After signing the contract, the beneficiary is sent supplies to access the service.


Support in the use of services

Additional information and support in using the service can be obtained by calling the Customer Support Service. When placing requests for support, it is necessary to indicate the service code as "PKI_SRV".


Price service

To obtain a price quote, please contact our Customer Support Service.