IT Services for Virtualized Environments

IT Services for Virtualized Environments

Full name

IT Services for virtualized environments.



The service is intended for public authorities, state institutions, enterprises in the real sector. To implement the provision, CST provides technological platform for hosting and managing systems of APA equipment. The service is based on a next-generation IT infrastructure based on cloud computing technologies. Infrastructure integrates a high level of reliability, scalability and security.

Virtualized IT services enable AAP receive for hosting virtualized environments for its information systems. Service supports several operating systems.

Security, availability and operation virtualized environment at agreed performance levels is guaranteed by the provider. The beneficiary is responsible for installing in the virtualized environment of system and applied software and its maintenance in working order. Access to virtualized environments is available exclusively for responsible persons of the beneficiary. Hosted systems in environments virtualized can access other services available in the platform for which they were authorized.



Public authorities, state institutions, enterprises in the real sector.



  Services and virtualized environments used for:

- Ensuring the operating environment for information systems or their components;

- Organization of development or testing environments in information systems implementation projects;

- Ensuring the recovery platform for key information systems of the beneficiary.


The service includes:

- Creating virtualized operating environment, as required by the recipient. Supported operating systems are Windows 2008 Srv, SuSe Linux, and so on;

- Licensing virtualized operating systems;

- Configuring secured access to virtualized environments (including VPN connections);

- Implementing of virtualization environments in HA configuration (High Availability) FT (Fault Tolerance) configuration or;

- Support in the use and management of incidents, according to agreed levels.






Monitoring service

24x24, 7 days a week


Service availability

99,8% monthly. CST reserves the right to perform maintenance activities in non-working days in the period 18:00 to 7:00 on weekdays. This period is not taken into account in the measurement of availability.


Support and incidents solutions

08.00-17.00 on weekdays


Service level reporting


Reportontheavailabilityof the servicerequested by the Beneficiary, on Provider’s possibility


The order of performance

IT service for virtualized environments is offered on a contract basis. Attachment to the contract is the service level agreement.


Support the use of services

Additional information and support in using the service can be obtained by calling the Customer Support Service. When placing requests for support, it is necessary to indicate the service code as "VPS".


Price service

To obtain a price quote, please contact our Sales Service.