Certificates for Code Signing

Certificates for Code Signing

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Digital certificates for code signing.


Certificates for code signing are issued by of public keys of public administration certification centres. SE CST is the second level certification authority accredited in Moldova under the Law on Electronic Document and Digital Signature no. 264 of 10.07.2004.

Digital certificates are issued by the public key certification centre, the issue digital certificates being of similar security requirements as to certificates with legal force. At the discretion of the beneficiary, they can be stored on media other than those permitted under the law in force for certificates with legal effect. This enables significant reduction of costs and appropriate price for such certificates.



Digital certificates for Code signing are used by providers of software solutions and software applications in order to confirm the authenticity and ensuring of non-repudiation customer supplied software. Code signing digital certificates can be used for:

- The authenticity of software packages for beneficiaries;

- Ensuring non-repudiation delivered software and changes to it in the relation Customer - Supplier. If errors occur when running the software, the Supplier will not deny responsibility for errors in the delivered software.



Public authorities, state institutions, private organizations, individuals.


The order of performance

To obtain digital certificates for code signing beneficiaries are to place a request to Customer Support Service.


Support in the use of services


Additional information and support in the use of services can be obtained by calling the Customer Support Service. When placing requests for support, it is necessary to indicate the service code as "PKI_SRV".

Price service

To obtain a price quote, please contact our Customer Support Service.